Kelly was a former Michigan native who found her YouTube channel and liked what she saw. As a busy grandmother, she didn’t have much time to focus on her appearance and was afraid of letting the years pass her by. Knowing she desperately needed a beauty revival, she went to Hopkins.

“Time to do my own thing,” she told the camera. “I hope that’s the ticket.” Soon Hopkins invited her to his studio and the transformation process began.

Her main concern was Kelly’s hair. Kelly used to wear it in a fixed ponytail instead of dealing with it every day. Hopkins cut, dyed, processed and styled it. It made the strands smooth and shiny again and made the color look lighter.

While working, he discovered something Kelly didn’t know: her hair was naturally wavy! She always brushed it straight, but Hopkins pulled out a natural wave backed by her curls, according to her description of the Youtube video.

The next step was makeup. Instead of giving Kelly a complicated beauty routine that she didn’t have time to maintain during her busy mornings, he kept it simple, natural and flowing. The description of the video said that the lips remained soft so that her eyes were more focused.

By the time Hopkins finished, Kelly looked like a whole new person. Grandma had given up on her looks for decades. Her family couldn’t believe her transformation! When the video was posted on YouTube, they happily flocked to the comments section.

“She’s my mom and it was amazing to see her transform!” His daughter wrote. “Christopher, you are amazing inside and out! Thanks to you and your amazing team!”

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