An elderly woman’s one-minute outburst at a gender reveal party went viral on TikTok, but her granddaughter was quick to explain that it was just a momentary tantrum and that her grandmother was actually very happy about the upcoming arrival of a baby boy. Despite this clarification, the internet fell in love with the unapologetic grandma and her dramatic display of emotions.

Many viewers sympathized with the grandma, with some commenting that it’s common for grandmothers to act like kids when they get older. The granddaughter also defended her grandma’s reaction, explaining that she had promised to name the baby after her if it was a girl, which is why she got upset.

However, the grandmother was happy once the initial disappointment passed, and the family found the whole incident hilarious.

Despite the outpouring of support for the grandma, some viewers wished that she could have had a granddaughter instead. Nevertheless, the family took the incident in stride and laughed it off. Ultimately, the viral TikTok video served as a reminder of the joys and quirks of family relationships, even in the most unexpected moments.

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