When Cecil Rodgers got a call at Christmas, he didn’t expect anyone to play with him. The caller identified himself as Cecil’s great-grandson and was in jail for causing an accident. He even gave the phone to another person who identified himself as his attorney. Apparently he needed $2,300 to be released on bail. feel something?

Well, Cecil, being the great-grandfather he had always been, agreed to transfer the money. However, the callers insisted that he not tell anyone. Cecil walked over and took the money out of the ATM, then went to the Walmart branch to complete the transfer. That’s when the cashier did it!

Audella Taylor has been a cashier for years and she smells like a scam from miles away. After hearing Cecil’s story, she immediately refused to transfer any money to him. She told him it was a hoax and that he should hurry home and confirm the “grandson” story with relatives. Turns out he was really cheating!

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