Another two bears join the first one at Conley’s porch while a fourth one follows suit. The proximity between Conley and the leading bear is so intimate that Conley refrains from reaching out to pet it, a wise decision given the circumstances. The bear, exhibiting a curious yet nonchalant demeanor, sniffs at Conley akin to a cat’s inquisitive investigation. “That’s a little close, come on now!” Conley jests, maintaining his composure despite the potentially alarming situation.

While most individuals would have felt fear, Conley’s composed response demonstrates the prudent approach in such encounters. Acknowledging the unpredictability of wild animals, it is crucial to remain calm, avoiding sudden movements or sounds.

Remarkably, the bear appears to heed Conley’s gentle warning, stepping back and rejoining its companions as they amble into the woods, embarking on their next adventure.

A Familiar Encounter for Patrick Conley

This isn’t the initial interaction these bears have had with Conley. Since 2017, the same quartet of bears has made frequent visits to Conley’s property in Asheville, North Carolina, underscoring the evident closeness within their family unit

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