With the push of a button, the music started and Gott started singing those well-known words. Gott’s voice bounced back and he sang with a new passion that none of the previous artists had captured.

The audience immediately started cheering and applauding his beautiful presentation of the play. Their cheers continued during the show.

In the end, every judge flooded Gut with extras – even the famous Simon Cowell. Coyle actually described Gutt’s experience as one of the best he’s heard so far. Later, Gutt was named one of the show’s most influential contestants.

Jeff didn’t win the 2012 season of The X Factor, but he took second place in 2013. If you want a real treat for your ears, give it a blast with the high volume.

Stories like this show how important these songs are to the culture. Gott chose this song because it was familiar to him and the audience. His delivery is beautiful, and his ease with the material really allows him to bring out his natural sound.

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