In a recent interview with Today Parents, a father of quintuplets named Driskell shared his unconventional decision to switch from using a 6-seat stroller to a leash for his children. The idea of using a leash may sound controversial, but according to the dad, it became necessary due to the stroller’s bulky size and inconvenience when taking his children out.

Driskell highlighted that using the leash gave his family more freedom and reduced stress when going out together. It also allowed his kids to have more freedom to run around in crowded places while still being under his control. Driskell’s post on Instagram about his decision to switch to a leash went viral, with nearly 7000 comments.

Many people on the internet agreed with the family’s choice and praised Driskell for being a responsible parent. The post even sparked a conversation about the different ways parents can keep their children safe and under control in crowded places. Some people shared their own experiences of using baby harnesses with their children, while others preferred to use a stroller.

The conversation surrounding Driskell’s decision highlights the need for parents to assess their individual situations and make informed choices about how to keep their children safe and under control in public spaces. While some may still view the use of a leash as controversial, Driskell’s choice has opened up a dialogue about alternative options for parents of multiple children. Ultimately, the safety and well-being of the children should be the top priority for all parents.

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