Anderson expressed her favorite part of the night as dancing, while Wales shared that obtaining the crown was the highlight for him.

Heather Hevener, a teacher at Jefferson Forest High School, revealed that the idea of crowning them prom king and queen originated from the students themselves. Despite this, both Wales and Anderson were completely unaware of the surprise their classmates had in store for them.

“They see these kids every day. They walk the same halls with these same kids, and they just feel like they’re part of them, so they wanted to make sure that they also really felt part of them,” explained Hevener to WSET.

The initiative took shape around February or March when some students independently decided, “This year, Zane Wales for prom king — let’s do it!” They initiated the campaign, and when nominations were requested, Zane’s name emerged, Hevener recounted.

The heartwarming moment captured on video resonated with numerous Facebook users. One person expressed, “Love these kids; it’s so awesome to see the love that the whole school gives. We need this more showing love and care.” Another commented, “So beautiful, what an unforgettable evening. So warm-hearted and full of love.”

In response to the shared video, a third person conveyed, “Kisses and hugs to you on your special day. Love and hugs to yourself and stay safe out there and enjoy every minute of it and stay safe.”

The royal treatment bestowed upon Wales and Anderson was an unforgettable experience, one that will be etched in their memories forever. The school staff also emphasized that the heartfelt moment would not be easily forgotten, making it a truly exceptional and cherished chapter in everyone’s lives who witnessed that poignant point in time

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