During an interview covered by CBS Los Angeles, the high school senior expressed, “She holds the most significant place in my heart. Without her, my mother wouldn’t exist, and I wouldn’t be here today. I love her, and I’d do anything for her.”

Initially, his grandmother declined her grandson’s proposal, stating, “I’m an elderly lady. I won’t be going to prom.” Believing he would have numerous potential dates, she wanted him to have his choice of companions. “He’s quite handsome; he could have his pick of beautiful girls. But he insisted, ‘No, it’s you who’s coming,'” she added.

Another concern she had about attending was her limited knowledge of modern dance moves. “Well, I may not be familiar with the latest dances, but I’ll do my best,” she admitted.

The proud grandmother revealed that her grandson’s desire to take her to prom, out of all the potential partners he could have chosen, was a deeply meaningful gesture for her. She also mentioned that this memory would stay with her forever. “For the rest of my life, no matter how long that may be, I’ll never forget that he wanted to bring his Nana and ensure I had a good time,” she shared. She went on to express how remarkable this gesture was. “To me, that’s incredibly special,” she added.

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