In a comprehensive and detailed Facebook post, Slaimankhel recounted the events leading up to the documented encounter.

It emerged that prior to boarding the plane, Slaimankhel’s stroller was left outside, despite assurances from flight attendants that it would be brought in. Upon discovering that the pram was still outside, he approached the front of the plane and found it there. When he packed it up, he was met with a “stern” response from the crew, who offered no assistance.

Later, an announcement revealed a delay due to mechanical issues, providing Slaimankhel’s wife an opportunity to change their child’s nappy. While waiting for the restroom, a flight attendant condescendingly instructed them not to block the door, a directive they followed. However, when his wife entered, the same attendant, once again condescending, spoke dismissively to her.

As Slaimankhel’s wife exited, another attendant looked at her in a “patronizing” manner, prompting a retort. Following a series of condescending exchanges from the crew, one of them remarked to his wife, “it’s people like you with that head thingy,” referring to her Muslim hijab.

“The behavior of the staff members made her feel extremely humiliated and distraught. She began crying and told them that they were very rude and condescending towards her,” stated Slaimankhel about his wife.

Upon learning the other side of the story, online support leaned toward Slaimankhel’s family, who clearly endured mistreatment from the flight crew on their journey home.

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