Speaking to PEOPLE magazine, Joanna said that since owning a Crew she has never felt alive. Joanna gave birth to her first child, Drake, at 27, and says she didn’t feel that way after having her other children.

Joanna thinks part of the reason she feels so much younger is that she got a cast at an age when most women don’t see pregnancy as a big possibility.

Joanna jokes that even her friends have seen the change in her, and they now call her “Fun Jo”. Part of this new attitude for Joanna is the spirit of spontaneity. While Joanna once had a tight schedule and everything was business, she now realizes that it takes rest to raise a small family.

Since her other children are much older than Crew, Joanna says this is almost her first born again. Part of this new feeling, Joanna says, is doing things differently than she did with her other children.

“He’s my boyfriend,” Joanna told PEOPLE. “He comes to work with me every day and goes to all my meetings. There’s literally a sign-up sheet because everyone wants to keep it.”

For example, Joanna says that when Crowe cries she immediately goes to see him even though she has been stricter with her other children.

When Joanna was asked if there was a possibility of having another baby, Joanna said she and Shep weren’t planning on having one, but it’s still a possibility. The couple never thought they would have another child after the birth of their second daughter, Amy, but they remain grateful for the latest addition to their family.

Joanna hints that Chip is already talking about wanting a little sister in Crew, but only time will tell if they welcome a sixth child into their family.

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