In preparation for their duet recording, Dion and Bocelli had planned to rehearse the song together. However, an unexpected turn of events led to Bocelli being unable to attend the rehearsal, leaving the producers in a dilemma. Searching for a replacement with comparable vocal talent on short notice seemed challenging, but music producer David Foster knew just the right person – a remarkably gifted 17-year-old singer he was familiar with.

Faced with this unexpected situation, Foster reached out to the young singer and asked for his help, explaining the urgency of the matter. Dion, upon hearing that a “kid” would be stepping in for Bocelli, understandably had reservations, but she was willing to give it a shot. As the young singer nervously entered the room, appearing almost 12 to Dion’s eyes, all doubts vanished when he began to sing. This was the auspicious beginning of Josh Groban’s introduction to the world.

Fast forward nine years, Dion found herself ready to perform ‘The Prayer’ once again. During the performance, she shared with the audience the amusing story of the rehearsal all those years ago when she had to adjust to the idea of singing with an unknown young talent instead of Bocelli. The crowd laughed along as she recounted her initial reaction.

Then, in a heartwarming moment, Dion revealed that the very person she rehearsed with that memorable night was none other than Josh Groban. As Groban appeared on stage, the audience erupted in applause, captivated by the reunion of these two exceptional vocalists. Their rendition of the beloved song was nothing short of mesmerizing, their voices blending beautifully together.

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