In fact, it was quite surprising that Judge David Walms used the Golden Bell to advance the contestants through the competition to the semi-finals! But what was so interesting about this performance?

The school choir joined the stage on the popular TV show to show off their talents singing the Queen’s hit song ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’. It was clear that the young children were nervous but excited about putting on the show. From fourth to eleventh grade, it was obvious that many of these children would go through their entire lives from a time like this.

In fact, before the show, one of the kids admitted that it was his dream to be on the show! Their teacher gave them a few words of encouragement before starting the routine.

As the kids started singing their amazing, haunting voices, other choir members started running around in hilarious costumes with an enthusiasm that only the most talented kids have! The group, despite its size, even managed to be synchronized enough to perform a few dance moves simultaneously!

It was clear that these kids were not only talented, but having fun too!

During the show, everyone in the audience enjoys watching the children having fun on stage. But by the end of the show, many children burst into tears as they were overwhelmed with the idea that they had come so far with their talent.

This little girl speaks for the whole nation when she says she missed the ant #BGT

— allantanddec (@allantanddec) April 6, 2019
The judges also got emotional when the routine was over and watched the clips from above fall on all the talented youngsters. He was widely praised by the judges, which put even happier faces on the kids.

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