The next time a kangaroo feels like kicking or punching its friend, it will need to seek out an environment more conducive to wrestling. Not in this guy’s pool!

This man was just enjoying his time at home when he looked out the window and saw two big kangaroos getting dirty on each other. Apparently, these two had a grudge and found it convenient to throw punches and kicks right into this man’s court. bad idea!

At first, this guy put them in front of the camera walking around and going towards each other. However, he soon discovers that these two adversaries are not about to break up, so he opens a window and stops the fashionable war. He even threatens to tell their parents!

See, Colin Chapman is such a creative guy, and you’re going to love how he crafted the story behind the kangaroo fight. Apparently, they are fighting for a lady! Very funny!

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