It was a very frightening ordeal for young children, but they were brave. Brenden, 10, Delicia, 8, and their 22-month-old baby brother named Owen were having fun in the garden, when they…

One of the kidnappers showed up and took Owen and then started to flee. Surveillance cameras were able to record the entire scene. The other two children see that they start chasing after him.

A witness named Dorothy Giddings said the little girl ran around the corner screaming. Screaming is what draws people into the neighborhood. Two other boys join the chase, causing the Kidnapper to catch cold feet and setting Owen to run for his life.

Giddings said she asked Delicia to scream because it was the right thing to do, because that’s what saved baby Owen.

The story went viral and someone who had never known Delicia was very surprised at how affectionate the two children were towards their little brother. Because of their bravery, he awarded the stranger, who never wanted his name to be revealed, $100 each.

Although the children were happy, the happiest of them all was their father, who largely understands how bad it would be if Owen disappeared.

Their father Michael Wright said he was very happy with them because of what they did and the love they showed for their little brother.

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