In 2010, while in Lewisville, New Orleans, Louisiana, Lenny Kravitz was captivated by a familiar sound echoing around the block. Enjoying a drink on his terrace, he recalled hearing unusual music and couldn’t resist investigating. Soon after, Kravitz found himself in the midst of the choir, clapping and grooving to the tune of his own song, “Fly Away.”

Kelvin Reed, the choir’s director, shared with the Dallas Morning News that he couldn’t decline Kravitz’s impromptu request. After the initial rendition, they reprised the song, this time with Kravitz contributing by drumming and singing alongside them. Reflecting on the unexpected collaboration, Reed expressed, “It was one of the strangest things I’ve ever experienced. All of my students said, ‘Kelvin, did you plan that?’ That was just one of those unique experiences.”

The Voice of Praise Choir, raising funds for post-Hurricane Katrina relief operations at the time, had performed an unrehearsed version of “Fly Away” to attract attention. Accustomed to singing worship songs, they found themselves jamming with a music legend.

A choir member shared their perspective, stating, “This is a famous musician. He just comes down and wants to jam with us. It makes you realize as a musician you have this sense of kinship, and you all come from the same experiences.”

For the choir, the coincidence felt like a blessing guided by a higher power. Reed affirmed this sentiment, saying, “We just really believe that God was glorified in the whole thing. It came from nowhere. It was just icing on the cake after a great week of ministry.”

The performance, lasting 15 minutes, initially left some choir members wondering if Kravitz was a street performer. However, as they realized they were being assisted by a genuine music icon free of charge, any doubts were dispelled

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