Leonardo DiCaprio, the Hollywood heartthrob, has been making headlines for his romantic life yet again.

The 47-year-old actor has been known for his penchant for dating younger women, and his latest rumored flame, Eden Polani, has caused a stir due to the 29-year age gap between the two.

DiCaprio has a reputation for dating women under the age of 25 publicly, and many of his past relationships have ended shortly after the women turned this mysterious age.

His most recent public relationship was with model and actress Camila Morrone, who he reportedly dated for two years and was even ready to marry.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Eden Polani (via Alexjr/Backgrid)

However, a source close to the actor has revealed that he is no longer interested in the hype surrounding his relationships with much younger women. The insider stated that Leo is “looking for something more mature in the relationship department,” and he wants to move away from the image of constantly being linked with the youngest and most beautiful women.


The source further explained that DiCaprio is bothered by this image and wants to “ditch it once and for all.” He wants a real, mature relationship like the one he had with Camila.

Despite his desire to move on, DiCaprio has been the subject of much public attention due to his relationship with Eden Polani. The public has taken to social media to make jokes and memes about the age difference, and it remains to be seen how the actor will navigate this new wave of attention.


It’s important to note that relationships are personal, and people are free to date whomever they choose.

However, it’s also important to consider the power dynamics at play when there is a significant age difference between two partners, especially in the entertainment industry. DiCaprio’s reported desire for a more mature relationship is a step in the right direction, and hopefully, he will find the partner he’s looking for.

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