Nikita Zadorov is a Russian hockey player currently playing in the NHL. There he plays with the Colorado Avalanche, where he plays a defensive role, and with his wonderful gesture in one of the past games he has impressed many spectators.

What impressed me the most was the little girl who came to see a hockey game for the first time.

During the match, Zadrov noticed that the girl was constantly encouraging him, so he was determined to prepare a surprise for her. When that moment came, he took his hockey stick in his hands, fell on it and slipped towards the girl on the other side of the protective glass.

There he gave her a signed hockey stick and the girl was moved to tears by the scene!

Her gift was so delicious that she couldn’t hold back tears, and that day would surely remain in her memory forever. Take a look at how NHL player Nikita Zadorov surprised the young fan!

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