As their daughters grow up, it can be difficult for fathers to accept that they will eventually start dating. Nowadays, girls are starting to date at even younger ages, which makes it even harder for fathers to imagine their little princesses having a boyfriend.

In a viral video, one father is caught off guard when his young daughter tells him she has a boyfriend during dinner, and their conversation is sure to make you laugh.

The little girl confidently announces to her dad, “I got a boyfriend,” to which her father responds with disbelief, “Oh no you do not.” But she insists, “Oh yes I do.” The two continue to go back and forth, with the family laughing in the background.

The dad tells his daughter that her boyfriend better talk to him, but the little girl refuses, stating, “No no no!” When her father continues to push, she responds with an adorable, sassy attitude.

It’s clear that she has no intention of letting her father meet her boyfriend, and her father’s reaction is nothing short of hilarious.

This video serves as a reminder that as much as fathers may not want to believe it, their daughters will eventually start dating.

While it can be hard to let go and accept that their little girls are growing up, dads can take solace in the fact that they will always hold a special place in their daughters’ hearts.

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