For most people, even with goo sounds, it is very difficult to imitate famous singers and musicians.

So when this sophomore said he looked exactly like Johnny Cash, the public could be forgiven for their skepticism. Once the boy started singing, they were amazed to find that he actually looked like the famous singer!

When Little John took the stage and told his fans what songs he was going to sign, they would have been forgiven for expecting little more than an excited kid trying his hand at something that might one day be good.

Little did they know that this particular boy had more than a big knack for playing Johnny Cash songs. Suffice it to say, her talent far exceeded her years, and her voice quickly caught the attention of everyone in the room.

Little John had something more hidden in the sleeves of his blue shirt; Something waiting to be released when the time came.

Halfway through his performance, he took things to a whole new level.

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