The day of your wedding is certainly one of the most beautiful moments of our life.

The bride and groom are also in the video before you had a dream wedding, even though it looked like their first wedding dance was going to be ruined by a technical malfunction in the audio system.

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When the groom and bride first danced with Mark Wells’ “Like There No Saturday” playing in the background, there was a technical error in the audio system. Well, at least they said that to the bride who was looking forward to her first wedding dance.

The song is also the favorite song of the bride as well as the groom.

Then the wedding planners quickly apologized to the bride and groom and then said they would deal with the song live instead. And if everyone knew who would be taking the stage this time around, then the bride couldn’t even dream of it.

Singer Mark Wells took the stage, who sang the newlyweds’ favorite song live. It is without a doubt a scene that will thrill you too!

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