Burningham’s enthusiasm was evident as he repeatedly exclaimed “Sweet!” and marveled at the speed of the scooter. Despite his joy, he expressed uncertainty about accepting the gift, questioning, “You guys aren’t gonna take it back, right? This is mine now?” It was clear how much the gesture meant to Burningham.

Subsequently, the community rallied once more to demonstrate their deep appreciation for Burningham. In October 2021, his bike was stolen, prompting the “Adventures with Ty” Facebook group to initiate a donation drive. The response was overwhelming, prompting Bosen, the group’s founder, to post a message: “PLEASE NO MORE DONATIONS. First off I want to thank everyone who donated money toward Ty’s bike. In less than 24 hours you guys raised a lot of money!”

With an excess of funds, Bosen and Burningham’s mom, Sandi Quick, sought community input on how to proceed. Although they considered returning donations, the community collectively decided to contribute the surplus to the Kaysville Gives holiday project, benefiting over 35 local families in need.

When Burningham received his new bike on November 7, 2021, his excitement knew no bounds. Grateful for the support, he surprised Bosen with a thoughtful gift—a bottle of Goo Gone and some snacks.

This heartwarming story serves as a powerful reminder that even a small act of kindness can profoundly impact someone’s life. The individuals who funded the scooter and the community members who came together for Burningham were not affluent, but their compassion and collective effort brought joy to the local ambassador’s life

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