Michael took the initiative and reached out to them. According to a report by CNN, he informed the owner that they had found his dog. However, when he revealed their location, the owner was left speechless.

The owner of Cleo was shocked to learn that the dog had traveled at least 57 miles from her current home in Kansas to her former home in Missouri. Michael commented, “That’s a hike for anybody.”

The astounding part is that neither of them can comprehend how Cleo managed to make it back home, considering there were only two dangerous routes she could have taken. One involved crossing a busy bridge with heavy traffic, and the other involved crossing a river.

Cleo’s story is not unique. In 2013, there was a similar case with a cat named Maggie Marvel Holly, who ran away from Daytona Beach, Florida, frightened by fireworks while on vacation with her owners, Jacob Richter and his wife Bonnie. Despite their extensive search and eventual return home heartbroken, Maggie surprised them by reappearing in their garden after about 63 days. She was hungry, worn down, and had lost weight due to the long journey, which had worn down her paws from all the walking.

Jacob described the emotional experience, saying, “It was like losing a child. She’d become part of my life; not a pet but a family member.”

Dr. Sara Beg, the cat’s veterinarian, was amazed at how Maggie managed to find her way back. There was no clear consensus on the mechanism behind such journeys, with possibilities including intuition, scent, or following the sun.

Coming back to Cleo, Drew expressed his happiness and gratitude at having her back. He told KMBC TV, “It is the most bizarre story. It feels really good to be reunited with her. She is everything to us.”

Michael concluded by saying, “Now that we know who she belongs to, if she pops up again, we know who to call.”

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