Frequently, our close companions, our pets, spend so much time in our company that they start adopting our behaviors. Although they can’t communicate with us in the same way humans do, they possess a unique ability to understand our language and respond in their distinctive manner. In a delightful instance, Danny Deraney discovered that his dog had been keenly observing human eating habits.

The scene unfolds as a shared lunch between the two unfolds. Perched on his owner’s lap, akin to a child, Deraney’s dog is captured holding a burrito with both paws and consuming it with the same mannerisms as humans. Displaying remarkable control and etiquette, the canine relishes his burrito lunch while comfortably seated on his owner’s lap. Adding a fun and unique twist to this tale, the owner himself is concurrently savoring a burrito. This video, retweeted over 62,000 times, has become a viral sensation, thanks to the comedic spectacle of a dog and his owner casually enjoying burritos together on a recliner.

As with any viral content, this video did not escape criticism, particularly regarding Danny Deraney’s choice of diet for his dog. While some viewers expressed shock at the notion of allowing a dog to indulge in a burrito, others deemed it acceptable as an occasional treat. Despite the critique, the video garnered more amusement than criticism, with the majority of viewers appreciating it as an endearing way to share a meal with a furry companion

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