“I share my pregnancy and nursing journey in hopes of offering comfort and solidarity to others. It’s important to know you’re not alone, even if not everyone accepts our lifestyle. We’re not here to please others but to live authentically,” Posey expressed.

However, some individuals expressed discontent with his dual role as both mother and father to his child, leaving hurtful comments like “You do not belong on earth,” “Men don’t carry babies,” and “Go back to where you came from” on one of his TikTok videos.

Some even went as far as suggesting that his child, Za’Nius, would grow up troubled, unhealthy, and confused due to the absence of both parents.

“Someone even suggested that he’ll resent me once he learns I carried him, and he’ll be confused because he doesn’t have a mom and dad,” Posey shared.

In the same interview, Posey encouraged other “seahorse dads” not to feel ashamed of utilizing what they have to provide for their children, advocating for breastfeeding as well.

“I have the ability to breastfeed. Just because I transitioned doesn’t mean I don’t want to provide my child with nutrients,” he explained in an interview with Truly.

Although initially affected by the backlash, Posey decided to persist in helping others facing similar challenges.

Addressing his critics, he remarked, “To the haters, we need to stop living under a rock and acknowledge there’s more than one way to live.

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