Stephen McKers may have heard of Marie Kondo, but we’re sure he didn’t use any of her methods in his outdoor cottage. Most huts contain many different items, and we are all guilty of leaving things in the wrong place when we’re done.

Stephen started to notice little things starting to move after he brought them back to his hut. The clamps, nails, and screws weren’t always in the same place he left them. Although he knew he hadn’t put them away, he couldn’t believe that he would later find them so neatly organized and in place. It was definitely a phenomenon he couldn’t quite solve!

Was he losing his mind? Was his memory getting worse as the days went by? Was he a ghost that couldn’t stand the chaos? He didn’t know what to think.

He even decided to test the unknown culprit by deliberately throwing things out of one of his plastic boxes and scattering them around the shed. He couldn’t believe it when they all returned to their place the next day!

“I thought I was going crazy,” he told the Daily Mail.
He knew he had to get to the bottom of the puzzle, so he asked his neighbor, Rodney Holbrook, to put a camera in the shed. What a shocking picture! No, it wasn’t a ghost. It was just a mouse that seemed to be cranky!

For a few hours during the night, a mouse would come out and pick up everything Stephen had left behind. They couldn’t believe a rat had such human characteristics to really care about a mess, but it was there!

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