Gwen Stefani, the talented American singer best known as the lead singer of No Doubt, has found even greater success as a solo artist. She’s a pop star with millions of followers around the world, and she’s in the unique position of being able to hide her identity by not wearing makeup.

Yes, Stefani doesn’t look like Stefani without make-up, but that doesn’t imply she’s any better or worse; she’s just different! She still looks stunning, and we’re particularly taken aback by her gorgeous hair and flawless skin.

Lady Gaga’s red carpet history is unique in that it includes a meat dress, a set of horns, and a pair of cyberpunk-inspired goggles. Lady Gaga, the music star-turned-actress, is one woman who isn’t afraid to dazzle her admirers with outrageous fashion statements.

Gaga’s all-natural look isn’t an exception to her erratic behavior. The A Star Is Born actress stunned her admirers once again by maximizing the angles on her body and face in an almost extraterrestrial posture. But don’t let Gaga’s alien stage persona fool you: she’s a stunning and talented young woman.

We don’t know what to say about Celine Dion. She’s been a successful world-class vocalist since 1980, and she’s one of Canada’s favorite divas. One word typically comes to mind when we watch her movies, listen to her albums, or look at her photos: perfection.

Celine was born in the modest Charlemagne suburb of Charlemagne and rose through the ranks to become one of the world’s wealthiest and most well-known performers. We all know how stunning she is on the red carpet, but can she do it without make-up? According to the photo on the left, she looks just as good without makeup as she does with it.

Sharon Stone’s all-natural portrait appears to be something out of a horror film at first glance. But, if you disregard the fact that she’s attempting to pick her teeth with her tongue, you’ll see a stunning 61-year-old woman.

Yes, time flies, and the sultry star of Basic Instinct is already over 60 and working on less daring ventures such as the TV show The New Pope. Stone’s breakthrough role was over two decades ago, but at least two things haven’t changed: her undeniable beauty and captivating smile!

For the past five decades, American actress Kirstie Alley has been busy working on every possible show business project, including Cheers, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Scream Queens, and Celebrity Big Brother. Kirstie’s appearance has changed dramatically over the years, and she hasn’t always been able to maintain her once-perfect figure, but there’s no denying that she is a stunning woman.

Kirstie, who is now 68 years old, is still subjected to the occasional paparazzo photograph in which she appears to be an elderly witch. When snapped at the wrong time and place, even the world’s most beautiful women might appear to be awful.

Madonna, the 61-year-old American singer, has retired from performing Like a Virgin. Despite being old enough to be someone’s grandmother, the “Queen of Pop” is presently busy performing her latest album, Madame X, and she is still considered a feminine figure.

Madonna’s life has always been full of adventure, but it is far from over. Even when she isn’t wearing any make-up, the Vogue singer looks sleek and ready to perform! Although the photo above isn’t the most flattering, there’s no denying Madonna has stood the test of time admirably.

Tori Spelling, an American television celebrity, was The Masked Singer’s unicorn in 2019. Despite being a 46-year-old dedicated mother of five and still best recognized for her playing role on the Beverly Hills, 90210 adolescent drama, she has managed to maintain her beauty throughout the years!

When Spelling is all prepped, she looks stunning, but we’re surprised by how inflamed her skin appears to be underneath all the makeup! She’s unusually red, and she should certainly see a dermatologist as quickly as possible to address what appears to be a severe rash.

Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex is fond of her freckles and enjoys flaunting them whenever she can. She is more polished nowadays, yet she always goes for a more natural look. “For all my freckle-faced pals out there, I will share with you something my Dad told me when I was little,” she told Allure in a 2017 interview. ‘A night without stars is a face without freckles.’

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