Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been in the public eye for years now, and with the recent release of their documentary “Harry & Meghan,” they are once again the center of attention. The show has brought new revelations about the couple, but also shed light on their complicated family dynamics.

One of the episodes features Meghan speaking about her half-sister, Samantha, who had been in the headlines in the UK for her supposed relationship with Meghan, despite not having seen her in over a decade. Meghan expressed her frustration, stating that she didn’t remember seeing Samantha when she was a child, and that they didn’t have a close relationship.

Despite Samantha’s claims that she is close with Meghan, the duchess denies any connection between them. In the second episode, Samantha’s claim that she and Meghan had a close relationship until 2018 is also addressed.

Following the release of the documentary, Samantha appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to give her side of the story. She called the show a “series of lies” and criticized it as a “fake news PR machine.”

The documentary has once again brought attention to the complicated family dynamics surrounding the royal couple. While it is unclear what the future holds for Meghan’s relationship with her half-sister, it is clear that the attention surrounding the documentary will continue to keep the couple in the public eye.

Samantha criticized Meghan’s relationship with the late Queen Elizabeth in addition to her comments on the documentary. Meghan spoke positively of the queen in the show, stating that she treated her like her husband’s grandmother, with respect and propriety in public. Meghan also mentioned that having a grandmother figure was important to her, as she had been close to her own grandmother before her passing.

However, Samantha claimed that Meghan’s story about taking care of her paternal grandmother was false. She clarified that Meghan had only visited her and never made apple butter with her, a tradition that their grandmother had started in the 1970s. Samantha described the situation as a tragic comedy for their family and the royals.

When asked for advice on how to handle Meghan, Samantha urged the British royal family, particularly King Charles, to establish boundaries as Meghan was apathetic towards them. She warned that it would be a dangerous precedent to let things go on as they were.

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