After receiving the heart-wrenching diagnosis, Bublé temporarily stepped away from his career to provide care for his son. Following extensive treatment, Noah has been in remission since 2017.

Bublé candidly shared with People magazine the profound impact his son’s battle had on him. He said, “I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone, but I do believe that when you’ve truly suffered, experienced fear and loss, it allows you to live a more profound life.”

In an interview with Australia’s Today Show, he described the ordeal as “the worst news you could ever hear as a parent, or perhaps as a human being… There were countless moments when my wife and I were just trying to survive, struggling to breathe… I often wished it had been me.”

In August 2021, Bublé posted a heartfelt message on Noah’s eighth birthday, stating, “Today, my hero turns 8! I’ve never encountered anyone as courageous… I’ve never met anyone as kind-hearted and good-natured… And I’ll never be able to adequately express how proud I am or the depth of the love Mommy and I feel for you.”

Even after Noah’s recovery, Bublé continued to grapple emotionally with the traumatic experience, breaking down in tears during a carpool karaoke segment with James Corden in October 2018, saying, “It’s so difficult to acknowledge because it’s so painful to discuss.”

While Bublé has since returned to his singing and performing career, his family remains his utmost priority.

“Now, I have my own children. I have three little ones through whom I see the world anew. It’s why I’ll never lose my wonder for the magic of life and the importance of empathy, kindness, and goodness.”

Isn’t it heartwarming to see Michael Bublé singing alongside his son as he plays the piano? Noah’s journey as a survivor makes this video all the more touching. Share it with all the strong and loving family members you know

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