When Lily awoke to find scratches on her face, she and her family immediately turned to their nanny cam footage for an explanation. The unsettling images that greeted them on the screen left them both frightened and shocked.

“It’s as if she perceives something that eludes us,” Heather confided to WXYZ.

Joshua described the entire experience as “unsettling.”

“It sent shivers down my spine, that sense of ‘what if’—did I really just witness that?” he recounted.

Despite having only the video as evidence, Heather and Josh have come to believe that their guesthouse is haunted, with a malevolent spirit seemingly targeting their family.

“It’s terrifying to think it might do something more… There was one morning I woke up feeling like someone’s hands were around my neck,” Heather recounted.

Rumors circulate that the previous occupant of the house, prior to Josh’s parents, tragically ended his life by leaping from a second-story window

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