In a peculiar turn of events, a Michigan resident recently received a postcard that had been sent a hundred years earlier, back in the 20th century. The intriguing discovery has left many questions unanswered, particularly regarding the identity of the sender, who appears to be a person named “Flossie Burgess.” However, limited records make it challenging to find substantial information about this individual, as it is suspected that “Flossie” might be a nickname, further complicating the search for relevant documents.

Adding to the intrigue, the postcard features a Halloween-themed design, indicating that it was sent just before the Halloween season. While Halloween is often associated with the “1970s and 1980s” era, historical evidence reveals that people in the 19th and early 20th centuries also embraced the festivities of the “scary season.”

Contrary to expectations, the postcard did not travel a great distance to reach its destination. According to FOX17, the sender dispatched the card from Jamestown, NY, which is relatively close to Belding, Michigan. In today’s time, a postcard would likely arrive within two or three days, but it would have taken longer in 1920. Nevertheless, a delay of one hundred years is far beyond reasonable expectations.

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