Aaron, a missionary stationed in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, has gained a lot of attention after his family’s story was featured in The Washington Post. Over 1,300 people commented on the story, which focused on the fact that Aaron’s wife, a white evangelical like him, gave birth to African-American triplets. Aaron acknowledged that many people may be bewildered by this, as well as the fact that the couple already had a three-year-old African American son and a two-year-old biracial daughter.

Despite any confusion, Aaron explains that he and his wife share a belief in pro-life causes, and therefore their situation seems completely normal to them. Aaron grew up in Honduras as a child of evangelical missionaries, and he was acutely aware of racial diversity, as he was the only white child there.

Despite looking different, he felt a deep connection with the people of Honduras. His wife, on the other hand, grew up in the Mississippi Delta and only shed her racist upbringing after several trips to Haiti.

For Aaron, diversity is a way of life, and he believes that embracing diversity makes the world stronger, as it is an expression of God’s creative genius. When the couple were trying to conceive naturally, they were also interested in adoption, and agreed to adopt an African-American child if one became available before a Caucasian child.

They ended up adopting five children, including the triplets, and Aaron sees himself and his wife not as charities, but as a married couple ready to accept an invitation close to God’s heart.

He believes that his children have given him more than he can give them, and he remains committed to embracing diversity and promoting pro-life causes.

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