Chrissy and Larry Corbett were thrilled to learn that they were expecting a baby. This couple was already a mother and father for four years, but the news of a new addition to the family was too much. However, over the months, Chrissy has noticed that her stomach is expanding more than any other pregnancy. Does she have twins? Or was there something wrong with her pregnancy?

The parents were worried, but during each ultrasound there was only one baby and the doctor confirmed that everything was fine with the pregnancy and that their baby was fine. What is the reason for her large stomach? Well, that’s because Chrissy was carrying a huge baby! Fortunately, her baby delivery went very well by caesarean section. But when she first got pregnant, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Instead of a big newborn as she expected, a baby who looked like a little one stared at her. Inside Edition said, “When they carried her around the curtain for me, I couldn’t believe how big she was. I felt like I was looking at a little kid, I was like oh my God, she’s going to walk into the crib.”

Right after the nurses cleaned up little Carly and checked her for immediate health issues, they rushed her to the scale. This kid is one of the biggest kids they’ve ever seen. Just by looking at the size of Chrissy’s stomach, one could assume that she weighed over 10 pounds. Sure enough, 13 pounds and five ounces appeared on the scale screen. What a huge baby!

Nurses can’t even buy regular diapers. They had to go up several sizes to find diapers that worked. When Mom and Dad brought Carlay home, they had to throw out the newborns and buy clothes for their nine-month-old! Learn more about Carleigh’s big welcome to the world in the video below:

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