Police Officer James Givens has worked for the Cincinnati Police Department for over 26 years, but has never experienced anything he encountered in the video below.

While sitting in a police car in a parking lot with his colleague, he received an unexpected visitor.

A goose approached his car and began to peck on its side. Officer James gave her a piece of bread at first, thinking she was asking for food, but she didn’t pick up the bread from the floor.

Goose continued to gossip over the police, then walked a few feet toward the water. Immediately after that, she went back to the police and kept clicking on the car, the officer decided to follow the goose.

When they left the car, the goose drove them to the nearby river. The geese led them 100 yards into a grassy area near a stream. There was one of her children sitting entangled in a string of balloons. Officer Cecilia Sharon began to expose the baby, and the mother goose was standing there watching and singing. She was not aggressive and let Agent Charon do what she had to do to free the child.

Mother Goose was grateful for their help and the baby went through the entire rescue campaign without any injuries. Bravo to the cops for such a nice job with a helpless animal!

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