Chelsea and Kevin Bromley didn’t think anything would happen if they let their son play in their garden.
According to KFSN, they have done this many times before. Their son, Zach, wasn’t far from safe anyway. Unfortunately, a nightmare has occurred. A cougar slithered onto their property and attacked the seven-year-old.

Chelsea heard the scene before seeing it. To her horror, she saw the cougar with its jaws clenched on Zach, and he pulled her away.

Without hesitation, she turned to the cougar and went to retrieve her son. She tried to open the cougar’s jaws to free her son.

The cougar continued to hold an incredibly tight fist on the child. Chelsea prayed for her son to be saved, even if it meant sacrificing his life.

After fighting off the cats, she finally released her fist and escaped through the metal fence. Claw marks appear on the fence where the cougar escaped.

“She’s very selfless,” Kevin Bromley told The Canadian Press. “She had to take her mouth off Zack.

Fortunately, Zach only had a few cuts to his neck, arms and head. Otherwise, he was doing relatively well. Kevin says his wife was fearless when it came to protecting their baby and is said to now call him “Mama Bear”.

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