Even in homes where parents are very attentive, children can sometimes get into serious trouble. This is exactly what happened to a mother. Her children have discovered that there are significant safety hazards in a part of the house that many parents would not even have imagined could be dangerous.

The Lindsey McIver washing machine has broken down. Her wise husband bought her a new front-loading washing machine at Lowe’s. Such machines have been popular recently, so at first Lindsay was very pleased with her new modern machines.

As a good parent, she and her husband asked the children to stay away from the new washing machine. Although they agreed to leave the exciting new washer alone, the temptation to explore it proved too much for the curious young children.

The next morning, Lindsay woke up to a terrifying scenario. Their four-year-old son came into their room crying in great distress. Her husband was able to understand snippets of what he was trying to explain to his parents in the midst of his tears. He was trying to tell them that his little sister Chloe is stuck inside the new washing machine!

Her son said, “Chloe. Inside. The washing machine.”

Lindsey’s husband arrived at the washing machine in no time and Lindsay was right on his heels. The washing machine started to stop and soon filled with water! Although the baby was screaming for help, her cries were inaudible from outside the washing machine. If her four-year-old brother hadn’t realized that her sister was in danger and alerted her parents in time, Chloe could have been the victim of a horrible tragedy.

Fortunately for her, her parents intervened in time to save her from a terrible fate.

Although she was wet, scared and a bit restless, the little girl had not been seriously injured during her frightening ordeal. However, her parents were filled with terror at the crisis their daughter miraculously survived.

They decided to take a closer look at their new devices. They found a child lock feature that they had previously overlooked. Although the lock prevented the machine from starting, it did not prevent the door from opening, so the safety device was not strong enough for her to feel comfortable. They bought a child safety lock right on the door to prevent little ones from opening it.

Although Lindsay knew she might be criticized by her parents, she felt the story was too important to share. She wanted to prevent other parents from having to endure the suffering that she, her husband and their children had just experienced. So I posted the story on social media, where it quickly went viral.

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