Colin lacked a male presence in his life, compounded by his two-year wait for a male mentor from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Hence, Hill’s kindness towards him held significant meaning for the Haas family.

“Right from the start, Kahlief was incredibly warm and welcoming,” Megan Haas shared with Good Morning America. “The moment we arrived at our room, Colin eagerly went back to see him.”

Megan elaborated on the touching encounter with TODAY, expressing, “I always value anyone who takes time for others, but it’s especially impactful for my son, who, after losing his dad, lives solely with me and his sister. He yearns for interactions with other males.”

The emotional impact of the moment led Megan to share it on Facebook, where her words about the spontaneous act of kindness resonated widely. Hill woke to hundreds of new friend requests from people worldwide, and his manager, Jason Gabany, also learned of his employee’s considerate actions.

In her Facebook post about Hill, Megan wrote:

“He gracefully handled interruptions, whether from a ringing phone or a customer walking in (as seen in the picture where he’s on the phone, briefly on hold). Yet, he never once made Colin feel like a bother or inconvenience. In fact, when we discovered he was working the next day, he eagerly told Colin he was prepared with more card tricks.”

Megan concluded, “I cherish moments like this that restore faith in humanity. Kindness is so simple, yet often feels scarce nowadays.”

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