Courtney Adele is a woman who has no problem with money. She is the CEO and Founder of The Mane Choice Hair Care Products, and her work is more than remarkable.

When she learned from her daughter at the time that her teacher was having serious financial problems, she knew straight away that she had to do something.

I heard rumors that the teacher couldn’t buy a car, so she had to use public transport every day. Because the teacher’s schedule is very busy, she had to run several times on the bus to get her trip.

Something was telling Kourtney it wasn’t right, so she was determined to help a good teacher.

One day I went to see the teacher and told her that she had heard about her problems. She invited her outside the school, where she was waiting for the teacher’s brand new car, which has now become her own.

Courtney bought the car for her at her own expense, and the teacher was left speechless by this kind mother of one of her students. Such a gesture that makes a great day for everyone!

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