Jennifer Aniston (50), famous actress and wonderful woman, had a difficult childhood with her mother who constantly criticized and hurt her. Nancy Dow, Jennifer’s mother, was also an actress, but despite her good intentions, she didn’t know how to handle a young girl. Jennifer Aniston has always been aware of the growing problems in her parents’ marriage, which eventually led to their divorce.

She was in the care of her mother, who constantly punished her and pointed out all her physical flaws: her eyes were too big, her nose too big and she had put on a few pounds at puberty.

Jennifer also grew up thinking it was “terrible” because she didn’t go to school and didn’t fit in with the team due to a lack of confidence. He had a very attractive mother at home, but he couldn’t look like her either physically or mentally. Jennifer was not close to her father, so she was at the mercy of her mother’s bad behavior. One day, Jane was angry at what her mother was saying, but Nancy was laughing at her, so the young woman learned to shut up and tacitly accept criticism.

Jennifer Aniston soon discovered that her problems at school stemmed from dyslexia, a reading disorder that prevented her from properly understanding written materials. When she realized it wasn’t as bad as she had imagined, she began to wonder if her mother’s judgment was fair.

Jane began to gain confidence after her first performance in Hollywood, especially after undergoing plastic surgery on her nose. On the other hand, her mother was not thrilled. Jennifer Aniston’s popularity on the show “Friends” was enormous, but her joy was overshadowed by interviews with her mother, who continued to openly attack her. Jane was surrounded by her classmates, especially Courteney Cox, and vowed never to speak to her mother again. She was not present at Brad Pitt’s wedding.

After years of counseling, the trauma gradually faded and Jennifer now believes that living with her mother, while difficult, helped her become the strong woman she is today. “Because she loved me and wanted the best for me, my mother spoke to me that way.

She wasn’t trying to be mean and didn’t realize she was causing me distress that couldn’t be resolved. only after years of treatment. She was what she grew up to be.” Jennifer Aniston talked about it to Elle magazine.

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