On the much-anticipated day, Jang donned a virtual reality headset and tactile gloves, immersing herself in the digital realm. Suddenly, she found herself standing in a breathtaking garden, face-to-face with her departed daughter, Nayeon. With poignant tenderness, Nayeon approached Jang and gently inquired if she had been missed.

Amidst tears cascading down her cheeks, Jang confessed her deep longing for her daughter. Offering her mother a flower, Nayeon reassured Jang that her pain was now eased. After spending precious moments in the garden, Nayeon expressed her weariness and the need for rest. As Nayeon drifted into slumber, Jang bid her final farewells.

Witnessing the interaction between Jang and the virtual rendition of Nayeon, the entire studio audience was visibly moved. Jang’s husband and her other two children, their eyes glistening with tears, bore witness to the heartfelt exchange between mother and daughter.

In a subsequent conversation with journalists, Jang shared that reconnecting with Nayeon had underscored the importance of cherishing her daughter’s memory without being consumed by grief. Carrying a portion of Nayeon’s ashes in a pendant around her neck, Jang expressed her belief that similar encounters could aid others grappling with loss.

However, despite Jang’s positive experience, many mental health professionals and grief counselors, including Dr. Sarah Jones, Deputy Dean of Computing, Engineering, and Media at De Montfort University in Leicester, have voiced concerns about the creation of digital versions of deceased loved ones

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