According to CBS Local, Heather Barnett and Kathy Moreno share a concern about something they saw last winter in rural Texas. On a very cold winter’s day, the two women saw a dog living outside in only a plastic cage.

They took pictures and posted them on their social media to show the world what this owner was doing with a helpless dog. They also called the local police, hoping the cops would force the owner to do something.

Unfortunately, the police left without the dog’s help. Under Texas law, a dog cannot be leashed outside in freezing weather. Because the dog was untied, the cops did nothing to help.

The two women spent the nights worrying about this helpless animal. They did not want to see the animals sleeping outside in subzero temperatures.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, cats and dogs can suffer from frostbite and hypothermia. They should be kept indoors, especially when temperatures are below zero. Breeds with longer, thicker fur, such as huskies, may tolerate cold better. However, no animal should be left outside for extended periods when the temperature drops below freezing.

Of course, not all owners agree with Cathy and Heather. A person commented on Facebook that his dogs would rather stay outside in the cold. One wears a fleece-lined coat and cuddles with the other dog under a heat lamp on the porch. Of course, the dog left in the plastic box did not have a fleece-lined coat, a heat lamp, or another dog to cuddle with.

Fortunately, most were in favor of stricter pet laws. It doesn’t matter how much fur an animal has. It is absolutely cruel to keep them outside in sub-zero temperatures. Cathy and Heather found it important. They want to help the animals keep warm this winter and are not shy about dealing with irresponsible owners.

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