We bet 10-year-old Filipina Eliana Gabonada felt these emotions when she managed to land the golden bell thanks to her amazing voice. She starred in Asia’s Got Talent and totally blew the judges with her voice. David Foster, a famous record producer who is also a judge, fell in love with her beautiful voice. Fortunately, it is also a turntable producer!

Ileana walked the stage in a beautiful yellow dress and a shy smile. She introduced herself to Anggun. When asked by a judge about her plans for her future, Eliana responded by saying that she hopes to sing on Broadway one day. We can see that it will work.

Eliana chose to sing Rain On My Parade for her demo track. This song, originally sung by Barbra Streisand, is hard to explain. But in a few words,

Elena completely blew the audience away! You can clearly tell how much she loved singing the song. Her face was filled with emotion and she moved to show her exactly what the song meant. She’s already a Broadway singer through and through!

The audience couldn’t help but cheer her up from the start. You could see how shocked they were because this little girl had an amazing voice. Although her singing is difficult, Eliana proves she has the right voice to pull it off.
David Foster snapped his fingers and shook his head to the beat as Eliana danced to the beautiful song.

When she finished the song, cheers and screams soon erupted in the room. David himself got up in a flash to give her a standing ovation, an act of which you don’t often see him. Eliana was amazing to watch!

When the judges were asked to vote, it was unanimous – they all said yes to this gorgeous young woman. Everyone was shocked when David hit the golden bell and rained yellow confetti. The crowd cheered more!

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