On Feb. 22, 2021, a video was uploaded to social media that quickly went viral. The video featured the Redemptoristines and Redemptorists from Brazil, Dublin, and Cork participating in the Jerusalema Challenge, a dance challenge that had taken the internet by storm.

The video’s caption encouraged people to watch and enjoy the fun and to pray for the world in these challenging times. And that’s precisely what viewers got when they clicked on the video. The group’s energy was infectious as they all moved professionally and urgently to the beat of the music, never missing a single step.

But it wasn’t just the dancing that made the video entertaining. The fathers wore some pretty impressive hats, including knitted beanies, baseball caps, and fedora-style hats. And somehow, these headpieces magically stayed in place as they happily bounced along to the song. It’s hard not to wonder if some strategically placed pins were involved!

Even two fluffy dogs made guest appearances, held up by two nuns who continued to dance with their furry friends in tow. And the trio of nuns sitting and clapping along to the beat only added to the joyous atmosphere.

As the song came to a close, the sisters brought out even more impressive moves, twirling around and waving their arms in the air. And even as the music faded out, everyone continued to jump excitedly, still having a blast.

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