Some people have a negative perception of people with large bodies. They believe that such people cannot “get rid” or “step” on the dance floor. Well, it is with great pleasure that we present to you a man who has beaten all odds to top the lists of the most talented dancers. His name is John Lindo, and he’s a guy with a big body!

John developed a passion for dancing as a child, and not even his height can stand between him and his love of moving to the beats. He takes lessons and participates in dance competitions. It even has major awards like the Phoenix Champion of Champions, US Open, and Grand Nationals. This guy is clearly a dancer!

Watch the video and watch his acting. Along with his partner, Deborah, Szekely, this man is about to tear down the house as soon as he takes the stage at the North Atlantic Dance Championships. You cannot miss its charm!

They move, turn and turn, slide and slide. By the time they finished, the crowd was already taken. They win!

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