It’s hard not to be surprised at who you are. The famous singer has not only sold millions of albums worldwide, but she is also a great and inspiring example of a woman.

Over the course of her career, Pink has always maintained an admirable independence, while often straying from the “classic” vogue.

Moreover, she is really an amazing live performer. But one of her shows was unique because the audience never expected her to invite a special guest on stage.

She declared that the mysterious person was a Vietnam veteran, but offered nothing else…

What fans didn’t know was that Pink’s father Jim Moore was present in the audience and ready to take the stage with his daughter for the first time.

Moore now served in Vietnam and wrote a song abroad called “I’ve Seen the Rain”. Naturally, he had no idea that he would be singing this song after almost 40 years with his daughter.

Suffice it to say that the public was fascinated by the duo, with proud Jim and passionate pink.

Pink credits her father with the reason why she came so far in the music business. Her unconditional support helped fuel her passion for singing, while also playing a role in her never-say-die attitude.

I think this is one of the most memorable moments of Pink’s career. She will cherish this special moment for the rest of her life.

What a wonderful bond between you and her father.

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