Priscilla then proceeded to share a poem titled “Old Soul,” written by Riley about her mother.

“In 1968, she entered our world, born tired, fragile, yet strong. Delicate, yet filled with life. She always knew she wouldn’t be here too long,” Priscilla recited. “Childhood passes by, with a glimpse of her green eye. She then grew a family of her own. Then came her second child, leaving her with suspicion — could this be the angel that takes me home?

“Time, of course, flew by. It was time for a tragedy. She knew it was close to the end. Survivor’s guilt, some would say, but a broken heart was the doing of her death. Now, she is home where she always belonged, but my heart is missing her love,” she continued.

“She knew that I loved her. I fear I would never touch her,” Priscilla read, visibly trying to hold back her tears. “But the old soul is always with me. She doesn’t drift above.”

Concluding her eulogy, Priscilla expressed gratitude, saying, “That says it all, and thank you all for being here… Our heart is broken. Lisa, we all love you.”

Lisa Marie was laid to rest at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee, next to her son Benjamin. Graceland’s Meditation Garden also serves as the final resting place of Elvis, his parents Vernon and Gladys, and his grandmother Minnie Mae, who was interred there after her passing in 1980.

Jerry Schilling, a close friend of Elvis, and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, also spoke at the service. Alanis Morissette, the Canadian singer, delivered a stirring performance of her song “Rest,” written in support of mental health awareness. Axl Rose, famed from Guns N’ Roses, also performed “November Rain.”

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