The Queen’s Guard is a well-known symbol of British tradition and pageantry. However, there have been several incidents in recent years involving the Guard that have gone viral. One such incident occurred in December 2021, when a video showed a child being knocked to the ground by a Guard while they were marching at the Tower of London. The child was not hurt and a government spokesman later confirmed this.

Another incident in July 2018 saw a woman jumping over a rope at Windsor Castle, unaware that she was in the path of a marching Guard. The Guard shoved her forward, causing her to fall.

Although these incidents have sparked alarm, not all encounters with the Queen’s Guard have been negative. One touching moment in 2017 showed a young boy saluting a line of marching Guards on his fourth birthday, dressed as a Guard himself. One of the Guards broke formation, beckoned the child over, and saluted him before marching back into the Guardroom.

The Guard later revealed that he was inspired by the boy’s uniform and his own memories of hoping to get a picture with a soldier at Edinburgh Castle when he was younger.

In conclusion, while the Queen’s Guard represents a proud tradition of British pageantry, some incidents have gone viral and caused alarm. However, not all encounters with the Guard have been negative and there have been heartwarming moments as well.

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