When people are looking for someone to look after an elderly person, they need to make sure they are in good hands.

Some of the basic qualities that a caregiver should possess are empathy, precision, expertise, respect and of course patience. For elderly care, applicants should be fully qualified and the above requirements should be part of the CV. It is true that health services can be expensive, but the elderly deserve better than that as the pillars of this society.

Why? Because otherwise, hiring an inexperienced person for less money can make an older person suffer. It is true that experience is acquired over time, but it is also important that the candidate has training in the field. You want to find someone who really cares about their job and loves it. Let’s take an example from this story.

A 94-year-old Buenos Aires girl with Alzheimer’s disease had a hard time because of a caregiver who wasn’t exactly what she said she was. Her daughter says she kept seeing her mother upset, even crying at times, not knowing why.

A bond was born when the daughter saw that the mother was a bit scared when the babysitter showed up at the start of her shift and decided to install cameras in the apartment to see exactly what was going on. happened inside while they were gone. The result is simply shocking. The old woman was mistreated, humiliated and sometimes beaten by her caretaker, and threatened to kill her if she did not obey.

The woman and man immediately called the police and filed a report. The so-called guard was arrested shortly afterwards. The old woman was so grateful that she could finally relax in peace. It is appalling that there are people who have no respect or sympathy for the elderly who have made so many sacrifices all their lives.

Let’s share this story and spread the word to identify every single person out there to thoroughly research people hired for such jobs. You never know what will happen when you close the door behind you. At first glance, some people wear masks that are impenetrable, masks that do not allow you to see beyond appearances.

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