Opening up to People Magazine about their enchanting wedding, Branch expressed her admiration for the song “Beauty and the Beast,” which accompanied her walk down the aisle, noting how it perfectly encapsulated her love story with Blackstock.

“Even though I’ve cherished the song long before contemplating marriage, its lyrics truly capture the emotions any bride would experience,” she shared. “I anticipate that reaching the altar will be a genuine fairytale moment, with my handsome (fortunately not beastly) almost-husband waiting for me.”

Beyond the emotionally charged magical moment, a standout of the couple’s wedding was the dance between Shelby and his mother. What better choice for the dance than one of his mother’s greatest hits – “You’re Gonna Be (Always Loved by Me).” The song resonates fittingly, embodying the profound meaning of a mother’s love for her child, especially in McEntire’s case as her first and only biological child.

For Shelby, the entire week leading up to the Disney-themed wedding was nothing short of perfection. Expressing his gratitude in an Instagram post alongside photos from their magical day, he remarked, “Speechless…The most magical day of my life! What a week! The endless drama could be put into a sitcom, but we fought through it all together as a family! In the end, I married my best friend, my Princess, my Queen; the best way possible! Thank you to everyone who could make it to our wedding and those who flooded us with love from all over! It was a week I’m sure none of us will ever forget!”

McEntire, accompanied by her boyfriend, “Better Call Saul” actor Rexx Linn, graced Shelby and Branch’s wedding with their presence

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