The United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) utilizes cutting-edge technology to capture deep-sea camera footage. The Okeanos Explorer, a research vessel with the capability to reach depths previously inaccessible to oceanographers, is currently exploring the uncharted waters surrounding Puerto Rico. A recent discovery unfolded as the Okeanos Explorer traversed the ocean floor, revealing a peculiar creature in action.

According to The New York Post, the enigmatic deep-sea anglerfish, renowned for its unusual appearance, was observed using its fins to walk along the ocean bottom. This extraordinary event took place at a depth of 450 meters, equivalent to 1,475 feet. The research vessel ventured beyond Puerto Rico’s waters, finding itself approximately 170 miles off the coast of Naples, FL.

Instances of such behavior from the deep-sea anglerfish are rarely captured on film. A notable recording from 2001 by the Ocean Explorer showcased the fish gracefully navigating the depths of a Gulf Stream reef called the Charleston Bump. The efforts of the NOAA team are crucial in providing the world with glimpses of these creatures in their natural environment, shedding light on their behaviors that would otherwise remain unseen

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