The immense popularity of this song is likely why it’s hailed as one of the greatest ever written. Singer Jeffrey Adam Gutt undoubtedly appreciated its sound when he selected it for his 2012 The X Factor audition.

As he stepped onto the stage, Gutt shared with the crowd that he was auditioning to support his son, who was backstage and had never heard him sing before.

With a press of a button, the music commenced, and Gutt began to deliver those well-known lyrics. His voice resonated powerfully, infused with a fresh passion that hadn’t been captured by any previous performer of the song.

The audience erupted in cheers and applause for his exquisite rendition. The praise continued throughout the performance, with every judge, including the notorious Simon Cowell, showering Gutt with compliments. Cowell went so far as to call Gutt’s audition one of the best he had ever heard up to that point. Later, Gutt was recognized as one of the most influential contestants on the show.

While Jeff didn’t win The X Factor in 2012, he did secure second place in 2013. For those seeking a true auditory delight, listening to this performance with the volume turned up is highly recommended

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